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because the flower that represents England is a red rose.....

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Can someone tell me what the 10 RED ROSES stand for on the England Football Emblem

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The Rose is the national flower of England

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Q: What is the English rose on their rugby shirt?
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What is the name of the flower given to the british gold medal winners?

should be a red rose as its the national flower as portrayed on English rugby union shirt

What is the symbol of English rugby?

The 'Red Rose'.

What do england rugby emblem stand for?

Its the English national flower (the rose)

What is the meanining if the England rugby logo?

It's a rose - The English national flower

What is something you can wear that starts with a R?

a ring running shoes rugby shirt racing suit robe rhinestone jewelry rose colored glasses riding boots ruffled shirt

When was David Rose - rugby - born?

David Rose - rugby - was born on 1931-02-20.

What are the colors of the Scotland Rugby Shirt?

Colors of the Scotland rugby shirt change from year to year and if its a home or away shirt. The current home shirt is dark blue with white or gold edging the current away shirt is white and dark blue.

Do you have to have a number on a rugby shirt?

There are sometimes numbers on rugby shirts. But this is not the number of the player who is wearing the shirt like in most other sports

What is the symbol of English?

It is either a lion - the three lions on the English football (soccer) shirta rose - on the English rugby shirta crown - the crown of Her Majesty the Queen on the Royal Mail

Where can a England rugby shirt be purchased?

You can get the official England rugby shirt directly from the England Rugby site. Failing that, you can go to most local sports stores in the UK, or try sites such as Amazon.

When was George Rose - rugby league - born?

George Rose - rugby league - was born on 1983-03-13.

What kind of shirt does mack have on?

A Rugby jersey.