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Q: What is the Cleveland Browns 1999 coin set worth?
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How much is the Grover Cleveland coin worth?

A Grover Cleveland campaign coin is worth $75 (seventy-five dollars)

In 1999 a Canadian dollar was worth?

I have a $2.00 coin Elizabeth II D.G. Reginal 1999. How much is worth? in the back of the coin it says: nunavut

What is a 1999 silver coin from Romania marked 500 worth?

This coin probable doesn't exist.

How much is 100 million dollar Pres Grover Cleveland coin worth?

The U.S. has never minted a coin in that denomination. Grover Cleveland appears on the modern small dollar coin, which is worth one dollar. If it's something that actually says $100 million, then it's a novelty of some kind, probably worth about 4 cents.

How much is a 1999 ein krona island coin worth?


What is a Queen Elizabeth the second coin worth It says Australia 1999 at the front and it has a platypus and a number 5 on back?

This coin does not exist. The platypus is on the 20c coin, and is worth 20 cents. The 5c coin has an echidna on it, and is worth five Australian cents.

Grand casino gold coin are worth Elvis 1999?

they are worth what ever someone is willing to pay for them

What is the value of Harper's ferry john browns fort quarter?

That is a currently circulating US coin, worth 25 cents.

How much is a 1999 Canada two dollar coin worth?

two dollars

What is the 1999 Silver American Eagle coin worth?

Value is $16.85 as of today

How much is 1999 copper penny worth?

A 1999 US 1 cent coin is 99% Zinc not copper but it's still worth 1 cent

What is the value of a 1999 off center penny?

It depends on how off-center the coin is. The more dramatically off-center the coin is, the more it is worth. A slightly off center coin might be worth a dollar, while a dramatically off center coin might be worth $5+