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Here's the all-time list as of the start of the 2008 season:

Atlanta Braves



1 Hank Aaron 733

2 Eddie Mathews 493

3 Chipper Jones 386

4 Dale Murphy 371

5 Andruw Jones 368

6 Joe Adcock 239

7 Bob Horner 215

8 Javier Lopez 214

9 Wally Berger 199

10 Del Crandall 170

11 David Justice 160

12 Ron Gant 147

13 Joe Torre 142

14 Ryan Klesko 139

15 Darrell Evans 131

16 Fred McGriff 130

T17 Rico Carty 109

T17 Jeff Blauser 109

19 Bob Elliott 101

20 Sid Gordon 100

21 Felipe Alou 94

22 Johnny Logan 92

T23 Jeff Burroughs 88

T23 Tommy Holmes 88

T23 Herman Long 88

26 Mack Jones 84

27 Earl Torgeson 82

T28 Earl Williams 81

T28 Gary Matthews 81

30 Chris Chambliss 80

31 Dusty Baker 77

T32 Orlando Cepeda 74

T32 Mike Lum 74

T34 Marcus Giles 72

T34 Andres Galarraga 72

T36 Terry Pendleton 71

T36 Brian Jordan 71

38 Bobby Lowe 70

39 Hugh Duffy 69

40 Claudell Washington 67

41 Clete Boyer 66

42 Adam LaRoche 65

T43 Wes Covington 64

T43 Gary Sheffield 64

T43 Glenn Hubbard 64

T43 Max West 64

47 Jeff Francoeur 62

48 Denis Menke 59

49 Davey Johnson 58

50 Rafael Furcal 57

51 Gene Oliver 56

T52 Billy Nash 51

T52 Lee Maye 51

T52 Ozzie Virgil 51

55 Andy Pafko 50

T56 Ralph Garr 49

T56 Sam Jethroe 49

T58 Chuck Workman 48

T58 Bill Bruton 48

60 Brian McCann 47

61 Lonnie Smith 46

62 Walker Cooper 45

T63 Andres Thomas 42

T63 Gene Moore 42

T63 Frank Bolling 42

66 John Morrill 41

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Q: What is the Braves record for the most career Home Runs?
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What is the Braves franchise record for home runs by a rookie?

The Braves franchise record for home runs by a rookie is 38 by Wally Berger in 1930.

What was Hank Aaron team to set his record?

Hank Aaron was playing for the Atlanta Braves when he broke Babe Ruth's record of 714 career home runs on April 8, 1974. He hit his last home run to set the record for career home runs on July 7, 1976 while playing for the Milwaukee Brewers.

What is the record for the most home runs?

Slugger Barry Bonds holds the record for the most home runs in a career. In the course of his career, he blasted 762 out of the park.

What is the Red Sox record for home runs in a career?

Ted Williams holds the record for most career home runs by a Boston Red Sox player with 521.

What is the MLB career home run record?

The MLB home run record is held by Barry Bonds with 762 home runs.

What record did Babe Ruth set that was broke by Hank Aaron and what was the number?

Hank Aaron broke Babe Ruth's record for career home runs. Ruth hit 714 career homers, Aaron broke that record and went on to record 745 career home runs before retiring in 1975.

What braves player holds the record for most home runs in the world series?

James bond

Who holds the Major League career record for home runs?

barry bonds

Who holds the record for most career home runs in MLB?

Barry Bonds

Who holds the record for most career home runs in AAA?

Michael Jordan

What is the Pittsburgh Pirates record for career home runs?

475 by Willie Stargell.

Who holds the record for most MLB home-runs?

Barry Bonds holds the record for career home runs with 762 and the mark for most homers in a season with 73.