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since 1899: UA-45 ASU-36 ties-1

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10 Wins, 18 Losses (as of 11/5/12)

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Q: What is the All time asu vs ua football record?
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Can you watch asu football online?

Arizona State University Football can be watched online. There are websites that stream ASU events. On the website TheSunDevils, select the heading Athletics and then All Access.

When does ASU play U of A in football this fall?

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What teams are on ncaa football 09I wan to know because the asu Indians are changing to the asu red wolves and i wanted to know which one is on the game.?

Sorry. But neither asu is the sun devils... and we do not plan on changing it.

Is asu a good college?

It's OK. But their football team is kind of like the Cardinals.

How many Rose Bowls has Asu won?

Obviously all of them because asu is so great

Why is ASU awesome?


Is ASU awesome?


ASU and U of A?

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When did Arizona State University beat Nebraska in football?

1975 and 1996. Nebraska has won 6 times against ASU.

What division football is University of Arizona?

ASU is in Pacific 10 division for football

What is ASU looking for so you can get into ASU?

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What is the asu mascot?

The ASU mascot is Spark the Sun Devil.