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Q: What is the 3 hitter in baseball that helped his team in the playoffs?
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What does Poff stand for in baseball?

In baseball, it represents the % chance that a team will make the playoffs.

Can the blue jays baseball team make it to the playoffs?


Which Major League Baseball baseball team has never made the playoffs?

With the Tampa Bay Rays making the playoffs in the 2008 season, all MLB teams have made the playoffs at least one time.

Are the Cubs Baseball Team winning?

Yes, the Cubs have made the 2007 National League playoffs.

Which team won the 2010 playoffs for basketball?

The team that won the 2010 playoffs were the Phoenix Suns.

How do you get into the Major League Baseball world series?

To get to the MLB world seiries your team has to survive the playoffs and be the last national leauge team or American leauge

Why is there a world series in baseball?

To settle the "question" of which major league baseball team is the best. It's the same reason there are playoffs in all major sports.

What does playoff mean?

It means a sports team has guaranteed a spot in the playoffs. Once a team can't be mathematically eliminated from the postseason, they are said to have "clinched a playoff berth." The term is valid in most team sports including Basketball, Baseball, hockey, football, and soccer.

What team has won the most post season games in baseball since divisional playoffs began?

New York Yankees

Is the wild card team in major league baseball to gather more interest in the playoffs?

Make more money for the owners

Do NFL employees get paid if the team they work for makes the playoffs?

do nfl employees get paid if the team they work for make the playoffs

What was the last football team Chris Perry played for before retiring?

The last football team Chris Perry played for before retiring was the Michigan Wolverines. He helped the team reach the playoffs where they lost in the first round.