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Q: What is team record for consecutive starts by right handed pitchers?
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Which two New York Yankees pitchers have the most consecutive starts at home without a loss?

Whitey Ford w/ 21 consecutive starts w/o loss @ homeCC Sabathia w/ 21 consecutive starts w/o loss @ home

What driver holds the record for consecutive starts in the Nascar Nationwide Series with 360?

The record is held by Tommy Houston. He started the first 360 races in the divisions history.

What bulls player holds the franchise record for most consecutive starts on opening night?

Steve kerr This is not correct... The answer is Jerry Sloan.

Baseball pitchers whose last name starts with a?

Grover Alexander

Do any New York Yankees baseball players bat and throw left handed?

On the 2010 active roster as of May 20, Brett Gardner and Juan Miranda both bat and throw left-handed. Nick Swisher throws left handed and is a switch hitter. When interleague play starts and pitchers bat, both C.C. Sabathia and Andy Pettitte bat and throw lefty.

What is the number of Brett favre?

253 consecutive starts 253 consecutive starts Brett Favre has 306 consecutive starts in a row heading into the Panthers game. GO VIKINGS.....EMAIL ME AT

Who were the starting pitchers for the World Series champion Atlanta Braves in 1995?

Steve Avery (29 starts), Tom Glavine (29 starts), Greg Maddux (28 starts), Kent Mercker (26 starts), and John Smoltz (29 starts). Other pitchers that started for the Braves in 1995 were Jason Schmidt (2) and Matt Murray (1).

How many consecutive starts has Peyton Manning had?


What word starts with z and has two consecutive syllables in it?


What English starts with a B has three consecutive double letters?


Who leads the NFL for most consecutive qb starts?

Brett farve

What were the names of the Baltimore Orioles pitching staff in 1972?

The Orioles four man starting rotation in 1972, when they had a record of 80-74, was Pat Dobson (36 starts), Dave McNally (36 starts), Jim Palmer (36 starts), and Mike Cuellar (35 starts). Doyle Alexander (9 starts) and Roric Harrison (2 starts) were spot starters. Relief pitchers included Grant Jackson, Eddie Watt, Mickey Scott, Dave Leonhard, and Bob Reynolds.