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he is challenging the official's call

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Q: What is it called when a coach throws a red flag on the field?
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The color flag the coach throws when he wants to challenge a call of a referee and check it on instant replay in football?


What is a challege in football?

A challenge is wen the coach thinks it wasn't right he throws in a flag then they go over the play.

What color flag does a coach throw to indicate they are challenging the ruling of a play?

The flag is red for coach's challenges, yellow to indicate penalties called by the official

What is the red and white part of the American flag called?

The "field." The horizontal length of the flag is called the "fly." The height of the flag is called the "hoist."

What is the blue part of the flag called?


Why do NFL coachs carry red flag in there sock?

That's called the challenge flag, each coach gets to throw that flag in their sock in order to signal to the refs that they disagree with the call on the field and would like them to take another, closer, look at the play. If the challenge succeeds, the play is reversed. If the challenge fails, the coach loses a timeout. If the team has no more time outs then they cannot challenge a play.

What is Florida's flag called?

It is called a red saltire on a white field emblazon.

Can a coach throw a red flag for too many players on field?

Yes......."too many men on the field" is reviewable. And if you watched Superbowl XLII you would have seen it done.

How does the coaches' challenege of a play work?

The coach on either team can throw a "red" challenge flag if they feel that the ref's call on the field is in error.This goes for defense or offense. If the call is reversed to in fact be in favor of the challenging coach, then the ref's decision on the field is overruled and there is no further action. If the call on the field stands (does not reverse due to the challenge of the coach), then the challenging coach is charged a timeout. A coach is only allowed two challenges per half of a football game.

What is another name for Alabama's flag?

The Alabama state flag has a Crimson cross on a white field. It is also called the confederate battle flag.

Who has final say in throwing the challenge flag in professional football?

The head coach is the person who carries the challenge flag and makes the final decision of whether to throw it or not. A challenge is initiated as soon as an official on the football field recognizes that the challenge flag has been thrown.

The confederate call their flag the stars and?

The Confederate National Flag was called the Stars and Bars. The flag that most people are familiar with, the blue diagonal cross with thirteen white stars set on a red field is the battle flag which is mistakenly called by the same name. It is called the Southern Cross.