What is irrelevant statement?

Updated: 12/21/2022
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Q: What is irrelevant statement?
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What are some sentences with irrelevant in it?

Irrelevant is the antonym of relevant. An irrelevant statement does not pertain to the matter at hand. "His good character references were irrelevant to the matter of his guilt"

When a statement has no pertinence to the subject at issue it is said to be?


What is the definition of Building Economics?

building economics is considered as an irrelevant subjectcin the construction industry. justify the statement above

40 is 16 what is 1?

40 is not 16 so the predicate in the statement, in logical terms, is false and so the truth value of the conclusion is irrelevant.

Is axiom a fundamental truth?

An axiom, in Geometry, is a statement that we assume is true. Whether it is actually true or not is irrelevant. For the purpse of solving the problem, it is considered to be true.

What is it called when you use a completely irrelevant phrase to describe something eg for I walk more than that doing you'd say I rack up more milage?

That is called a non sequitur, which is a statement that does not logically follow the previous statement or context. In your example, the phrase "I rack up more mileage" is a non sequitur because it does not relate directly to the previous statement about walking.

What of these is an example of a non sequitur?

Saying "I like turtles" in response to a question about the weather is an example of a non sequitur. It is a statement that is irrelevant and does not logically follow the conversation or context.

What is the antonym of relevant?


What is the root of irrelevant?

The root word for irrelevant is relevant. Irrelevant just means "not relevant."

What is a sentence with the word irrelevant in it?

This sentence is not irrelevant.The evidence is irrelevant to the case at hand.You have given me all the irrelevant paperwork.

What is a sentence with irrelevant in it?

Her comments were irrelevant to the topic of discussion.

What is mental bracketing?

Systemically putting aside irrelevant thoughts in a conversation. ie. feelings/emotion about another topic. Basically one is fully attending and listening to the person(s) statement.