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Q: What is home to the first World Series in 1903 the Boston pilgrims vs the Pittsburgh pirates?
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When year did the World Series start?

1903, when the Boston Pilgrims (Red Sox) beat the Pittsburgh Pirates.

What baseball team won the first modern World Series?

A baseball team!!! jkjk It was in 1903 and it was the Boston Americans (aka red sox) vs. the Pittsburg Pirates The Boston Americans won the 9 game series 5-3

Did the Pittsburgh Pirates win the World Series in 1903?

No. In the 1903 World Series, the Boston Americans defeated the Pittsburgh Pirates, five games to three.

How many World Series did the Pilgrims win?

1 - in 1903 against the Pittsburgh Pirates

What Actual years of Pittsburgh Pirates wins of World Series?

In 1903 the Pirates played in what amounted to be the first World Series of Baseball. The best of nine game series lasted 8 games leaving the Boston Pilgrims the winner, but giving Pittsburgh its first taste of playing in the championship games. In Pittsburgh the games were played on the North Side in Exposition Park (home of the Pirates from 1881 to 1909)

When was the last time the Pittsburgh pirates played the Boston redsox in Pittsburgh?

2011. The Pirates won the series 2-1

Who did the Pittsburgh Pirates play against in the first World Series?

The first World Series was played in 1903. The Boston Americans defeated the Pittsburgh Pirates, five games to three.

Who took the Boston Red Sox to the World Series in 1903?

Jimmy Collins led the 1903 Boston Americans (later to be known as the Red Sox, aka the Boston Pilgrims & the Boston Beaneaters) to the first World Series title. The Red Sox defeated the Pittsburgh Pirates 5 games to 3.

What team was the first world series win?

The Boston Americans beat the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Who were the teams that played in the first baseball World Series and which team won?

Boston Americans and Pittsburgh Pirates. Boston won.

Who did Boston beat in the first world series in1903?

Pittsburgh Pirates, five games to three.

How many games were played in the first World Series in 1903?

The Boston Americans and the Pittsburgh Pirates were the first teams to play in the World Series. The Americans (became the Red Sox) would win the series 5-3. This Series eventually produced 4 future Hall of Famers; Jimmy Collins and Cy Young for the Americans and Fred Clarke and Honus Wagner for the Pirates.