What is a roundhead soldier?

Updated: 10/20/2022
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Member of the Parliamentary party during the English Civil War 1640-60, opposing the Royalist Cavaliers. The term referred to the short hair then worn only by men of the lower classes.

Men at the court of Charles I fashionably wore their hair in long ringlets, so the Parliamentarians chose to wear theirs short in contrast. Many Parliamentarians were also Puritans, who thought they should live and dress simply and austerely. 'Roundhead' was originally a derogatory term and is thought to have first been used in 1641, possibly by Queen Henrietta Maria.

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Q: What is a roundhead soldier?
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A Roundhead was a soldier who supported the Parliamentarian cause during the English Civil War.They were given this nickname because of their hairstyle. The Royalists/Cavaliers had long hair, often in ringlets, while the Parliamentarians (Puritans and Roundheads) wore their hair short in a pageboy like style.The word Roundhead was not liked by the Parliamentarians and they made it an offence to use it.The round-heads were followers of Parliament in the English civil war

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