What is a man to man in basketball?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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man to man and zone are two different types of defence

as far as i know, no one has thought of combining the two except for playing man to man within the three point line.

man to man means each player in your team chooses a player on the other team and stops them from scoring.

in a zone each player in you team guards a position, usually within the three point line and tries to keep players with the ball away from their area.

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Man-to-man is when each player on the floor is assigned to defend another player on the opposing team. when a player is in man coverage they stay on the opposing player no matter what, like glue. no matter where the opposing player goes they have to go with him.

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man on man marking is when you mark one player

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what man to man marking is when on player marks the best player from the opposing team so then his/her players cannot pass to him/her

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Q: What is a man to man in basketball?
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