What is a end loaded bat?

Updated: 10/27/2022
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An end loaded bat is a bat that has a weight at the end. The weighted end helps give power to your swing.

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Q: What is a end loaded bat?
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Can an end loaded softball bat be rolled?

Yes, they can be rolled after being end loaded. When you roll a bat you are rolling the sweet spot not the entire length of the barrel.

Whats better end-loaded or balanced softball bat?

If you are a slapper, like me, you will want a balanced light bat because you don't need to generate a lot of force to get on base. If you are a power hitter you would want a more end-loaded bat. The bat you want all depends on what kind of batter you are.

Which is better the Anderson rocket tech fastpitch bat or the techzilla fastpitch bat?

Anderson Rocket Tech--It is a loaded bat!

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What is the difference between the DeMarini Voodoo and Vexxum Bats?

Demarini CF3- All Composite, takes a little while longer to break in, and its more "end-loaded" which is what a lot of the bigger hitters prefer. Demarini Voodoo- This bat is half composite, takes very little time to break in, its more balanced than end-loaded, but a lot say that it performs very well.

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What does 307D on the knob end of an Adirondak bat mean?

What does 307D on the knob end of a Adirondack bat mean

What animals end with at?

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What do you do if the end cap on your softball bat is broken?

Start looking for a new bat

How do I pick the correct size softball bat?

Is the demarini cf5 end loaded?

No...the weight is inserted close to the taper not to the end.