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A double block is when two players are working in together to deflect an attacked ball at the net.
When 2 players jump up and block together. Usually the middle and outside or the middle and setter.

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A block is used by a front row player. It is when the other team is hitting the ball from the front row and then the player from your team throws up his/her arms in an attempt to keep the other team from making a kill.

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Q: What is a double block in volleyball?
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What is the definition of the volleyball term double block?

Two players are blocking the ball.

Can you block a volleyball on serve?


What is block touch in volleyball?

block the ball from crossing to your side of the court

What is blocking in volleyball?

A block in volleyball is when you jump up straight with you hands straight and you block a spike.

Is it legal to spike OR block a serve in volleyball?


Is a block considered on of the allowed hits in volleyball?

Whoever answered this initially was wrong. In indoor volleyball a block does not count as a contact, but in outdoor beach volleyball it DOES count as a contact. This is one of the only incidences in which indoor and outdoor volleyball differ in rules (the only other major difference being that players can cross under the net as long as they aren't interfering with the other teams play). The person blocking is still allowed to hit the ball afterwards for the teams second contact however without it counting as a double hit. I got this from the rules and regulations listed in the FIVB website, which is the international federation for volleyball so it's a rather credible source.

What is it when you stop the volleyball from going over the net?


Was it ever legal to block a serve in volleyball?


What is the number of the most volleyball passes?

3. 4 if there is a block

How many players perform a block in volleyball?

Usually 2

In volleyball what is completed block?

only 5 players play

When are double hits aloud in volleyball?