What is a curling team called?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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A curling team is properly called a "rink," although the word "team" is used more often in everyday speech. On a related note, the ice surface that curling is played on is called a "sheet," not a rink.

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In Canada, the "professional" curling league is called the World Curling Tour. The website for the tour is, and you can find the names of the top curling teams in Canada (teams are named according to the last name of the team's skip). In the US, there isn't really a professional tour like there is in Canada, and there isn't nearly the level of sponsorship that there is in Canada. So, it's hard to say if there are any US teams that qualify as "professionals" in the sense that they make a living curling. But, there are a handful of teams that do travel around the country playing in most of the biggest events, and are always in the hunt for national championships and the olympic trials. Some of these are Pete Fenson, Craig Brown, John Shuster, Craig Disher, and Randy Ferby. You can find more at

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People who play curling are known as 'curlers'.

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Q: What is a curling team called?
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Curling captain called?

The captain of a curling team is known as the "skip."

Does Russia have an Olympic curling team?

Yes, they do have a curling team.

Is curling an individual game or a team sport?

Curling is a team sport.

What do you call a curling team?

A curling tournament is typically called a "bonspiel", sometimes shortened to "spiel." An exception is that qualifying tournaments for national or world championships are typically called "playdowns," with the act of competing in such a tournament called "playing down."

What is John Morris curling position?

he plays vice on the Canadian curling team

How many stones are there in an end in curling?

In each curling end there are eight curling stones for each team--16 total.

Is curling an induvidual sport?

No. It is a team sport.

How many athletes on team Canada curling?

There are four players on a curling "team" (a.k.a "rink"). However, in major competitions, teams will usually bring along a fifth player called the "alternate" that can take the place of a player that gets sick or hurt during competition.

Which athlete represents Canada in curling for the Winter Olympics of 2010?

In the men's curling it was Kevin martin's team

Which sport has 3 players on each side?

curling.... - No - Curling has 4 people on a team (or 2 for Mixed Doubles.) Curling teams with 3 players are incomplete. Polo has 3 people on a team.

What sport do you throw a rock at a house?

It is called curling , the curling ROCK and you throw it at HOUSES the end of the curling rink

Is mens curling done by your self?

No. It is played as a team