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The Celts were various peoples who lived across Europe when the Roman Empire was expanding. The common factor between the tribal groups was the Celtic family of languages. The region where Celtic languages still have the strongest presence is Scotland, Wales, part of France, and Ireland. gives the following reason for how the Boston Celtics got their name: Team founder Walter Brown thought of an earlier Basketball team from New York named the Celtics and figured since Boston had a large Irish population, the Celtics was a great name to use again. The moniker stuck.

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Q: What is a Celtic and why is the team from Boston named after them?
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The team that has its home ground named Celtic Park is Celtic FC.

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The Boston Celtics are a National Basketball Association (NBA) team based in Boston. They were founded in 1946, and the team is currently owned by Boston Basketball Partners LLC.

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I take it your thinking about the Boston Celtics - 1946 If you was thinking of Celtic F.C. then they started playing in 1888

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Paul Pierce

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Ray Allen, a current Boston Celtic, was born on July 20th.

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