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Minimum seating capacity for the Superbowl according to the NFL is 70,000. There are other media-based and hotel-based minimum qualifications as well.

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Q: What is NFL minimum capacity for Super Bowl VENUE?
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What was the venue of the 2014 Super Bowl?

The venue of the 2014 Super Bowl was MetLife Stadium in New Jersey.

Where will the Super Bowl be held in 2015?

Venues for the Super Bowl are selected four years in advance. Therefore, this being 2007, the latest venue selected to host the Super Bowl is the new stadium that the Dallas Cowboys will build and the year they will host is 2011. The venue for the 2015 Super Bowl will be selected in 2011.

How many years in advance is a venue chosen for the Super Bowl?

Four years. The 2011 Super Bowl was awarded last offseason to the new stadium being built for the Dallas Cowboys. It will be played February 6, 2011. The venue for the 2012 Super Bowl will be selected in the offseason following the 2008 Super Bowl.

What sport is played in the Super Bowl?

The "Super Bowl" name is a marking tool created by the National Football League to indicate the championship game to be played between the two best football teams. American football is the only sport known to use the term "Super Bowl". How the term "Super Bowl came about can only be surmised by the fact most teams play in a coliseum type venue. This venue looks more like a bowl. "Super game played in a bowl looking structure"

What football stadium hosted consecutive Super Bowls?

The Orange Bowl in Miami hosted Super Bowls II and III and is the only venue to have hosted consecutive Super Bowls.

How many people will the Super Bowl stadium hold?

Beaver Stadium is located at 127 Bryce Jordan Center in University Park, Pennsylvania. It has a seating capacity of 106,572. It had a record attendance of 110,753 on September 14, 2002.

Name an NFL Team that lost their first Super Bowl and won their first Super Bowl in the same venue?

The New England Patriots. The Patriots lost their first Super Bowl to the Chicago Bears in Super Bowl XX by the score of 46-10 in New Orleans, Louisiana at the Superdome. The New England Patriots also won their first Super Bowl in New Orleans, Louisiana at the Superdome, in Super Bowl XXXVI. The New England Patriots defeated the St. Louis Rams by the score 20-17. Tom Brady won the MVP in that Super Bowl.

What venue has seen the most Super Bowl games?

It is the Louisiana Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana. See the related link below for more information.

How many times has the super bowl coin toss shown tails?

The Super Bowl Coin Toss has come up Tails 23 times in 47 Super Bowls (48.9%).1967 Super Bowl 1 Heads1968 Super Bowl 2 Tails1969 Super Bowl 3 Heads1970 Super Bowl 4 Tails1971 Super Bowl 5 Tails1972 Super Bowl 6 Heads1973 Super Bowl 7 Heads1974 Super Bowl 8 Heads1975 Super Bowl 9 Tails1976 Super Bowl 10 Heads1977 Super Bowl 11 Tails1978 Super Bowl 12 Heads1979 Super Bowl 13 Heads1980 Super Bowl 14 Heads1981 Super Bowl 15 Tails1982 Super Bowl 16 Tails1983 Super Bowl 17 Tails1984 Super Bowl 18 Heads1985 Super Bowl 19 Tails1986 Super Bowl 20 Tails1987 Super Bowl 21 Tails1988 Super Bowl 22 Heads1989 Super Bowl 23 Tails1990 Super Bowl 24 Heads1991 Super Bowl 25 Heads1992 Super Bowl 26 Heads1993 Super Bowl 27 Heads1994 Super Bowl 28 Tails1995 Super Bowl 29 Heads1996 Super Bowl 30 Tails1997 Super Bowl 31 Heads1998 Super Bowl 32 Tails1999 Super Bowl 33 Tails2000 Super Bowl 34 Tails2001 Super Bowl 35 Tails2002 Super Bowl 36 Heads2003 Super Bowl 37 Tails2004 Super Bowl 38 Tails2005 Super Bowl 39 Tails2006 Super Bowl 40 Tails2007 Super Bowl 41 Heads2008 Super Bowl 42 Tails2009 Super Bowl 43 Heads2010 Super Bowl 44 Heads2011 Super Bowl 45 Heads2012 Super Bowl 46 Heads2013 Super Bowl 47 Heads

What are all of the Super Bowl rematches?

6 Super Bowl XIII Super Bowl XVII Super Bowl XXIII Super Bowl XXVIII Super Bowl XXX Super Bowl XLVI

Super Bowl count?

Super Bowl 42

Does the Super Bowl mvp always go to the Super Bowl?

The super bowl MVP MUST play in the super bowl for them to be the Super Bowl MVP