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Kyle Rudolph is number 82 on the Minnesota Vikings.

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Q: What is Kyle Rudolph's number on the Minnesota Vikings?
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Who drafted Kyle Rudolph in the 2011 season?

The Minnesota Vikings

What position does Kyle Rudolph play?

Kyle Rudolph plays Tight End for the Minnesota Vikings.

What is Kyle Gibson's number on the Minnesota Twins?

Kyle Gibson is number 44 on the Minnesota Twins.

What is Kyle Brodziak's number on the Minnesota Wild?

Kyle Brodziak is number 21 on the Minnesota Wild.

What NFL team does Kyle Rudolph play for?

NFL player Kyle Rudolph played for Notre Dame.

What NHL team does Kyle Brodziak play for?

Kyle Brodziak plays for the Minnesota Wild.

What position does Kyle Brodziak play?

Kyle Brodziak plays center for the Minnesota Wild.

What MLB team does Kyle Gibson play for?

Kyle Gibson plays for the Minnesota Twins.

What position does Kyle Gibson play?

Kyle Gibson is a starting pitcher for the Minnesota Twins.

Where was Kyle Okposo born?

Kyle Okposo was born in St. Paul, Minnesota on 04-16-88.

When was Jay Kyle Petersen born?

Jay Kyle Petersen was born on May 26, 1952, in Pipestone, Minnesota, USA.

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Kyle Field has a seating capacity of 102,733 people.