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Q: What is Kristen Stewart favorite baseball team?
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What is Tony Stewart's favorite baseball team?

The Chicago Cubs.

Is Kristen Stewart a edward girl or a Jacob girl?

Omg: 2 answers:If you mean Kristen as in Bella than she is oviously an Edward girl.After all he is the one she marries.But if you mean it as in Kristen Stewart (the girl outside twilight) she is actually none for now.But I would like her to be an Edward girlThe answer above was partly right but now in a interview in 2010 Kristen Stewart said that she was in Team Edward and not in Team Jacob.

What is Kristen Stewarts favorite football team?

What is Kristen stewards favourite football team

Are robert pattinson and Kristen Stewart engadged?

Yes unfortanatly( for team edward lovers) they are they got engaded on new years eve 2010 Kristen Stewart has already picked the dress soon they will be walking down the ahial

What is Ariana Grande’s favorite baseball team?

What is Ariana Henares favorite baseball team

Who is brad paisleys favorite baseball team?

Brad's favorite baseball team is the Chicago Cubs

What is matty b's favorite sports team?

well his favorite sport is baseball so his favorite baseball team is Marlines

Is Nikki reed jealous of Kristen Stewart?

No I think you're confused. Nikki Reed's character, Rosalie is jealous of Kristen Stewarts character, Bella. :) Team Edward all the way!!!!!!!!!

Is boo boo Stewart and Kristen Stewart brother and sister?

No, the two actors just happen to have the same last name. Kristen and Boo Boo are not related.

What jusin bieber favorite baseball team?

Justin Bieber likes the white sox, but his favorite baseball team is the Yankees

What is Ben McCoy's favorite baseball team?

The Cardinals are Ben McCoy's favorite baseball team.

What is Cody Simpson favorite team?

His favorite baseball team is the New York Yankees.