What is Dell's net worth?

Updated: 12/8/2022
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17.3 Billion

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Q: What is Dell's net worth?
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What is Michael dells net worth?

$14 billion is the net worth of Michael Dell

What is Michael dells net worth today?

$13.5 Billion in 2011

What is Dell computer net worth?

According to Forbes Dell Technologies is worth an estimated $93.5 billion. This makes Dell the worlds largest privately controlled technology company. Dells net worth is largely attributed to their wide range of computer and technology products as well as their acquisition of other major technology companies such as EMC VMware and SecureWorks. Dell Technologies is made up of several divisions and subsidiaries each of which contributes to Dells overall net worth. These divisions include: Dell Client Solutions Group Dell EMC Infrastructure Solutions Group Dell Boomi Dell SecureWorks Virtustream VMware Pivotal Dells net worth is also attributed to its strong customer base and its innovative technology solutions. Dells products have been praised for their reliability and affordability which has helped the company remain competitive in the market. Additionally Dells services and support are renowned for their quality which has helped to build the companys reputation and increase its net worth.

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