What is Chelsea Blue known for?

Updated: 12/8/2022
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Chelsea Blue is most known for being an adult film star that has starred in over 120 adult films. You can learn more about Chelsea Blue online at the Wikipedia.

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Q: What is Chelsea Blue known for?
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How tall is Chelsea Blue?

Chelsea Blue is 5' 8".

What colour is the Chelsea football club home strip?

the kit is blue

When was Chelsea Blue born?

Chelsea Blue was born on November 16, 1976, in Ithaca, New York, USA.

Are Chelsea playing in blue in cup final v Portsmouth?

Yes Chelsea will wear their famous all blue kit.

What is the birth name of Jordan Blue?

Chelsea Blue's birth name is Sarah Myrtle Hostetler.

Is Chelsea a team?

Yes. They are known as Chelsea Football Club, which is shortened to Chelsea F.C.

What does Chelsea hooligans refer to?

Chelsea hooligans are also known as the Chelsea Headhunters. They are extreme fans of the football club Chelsea. They are known for their extreme violence towards fans of other clubs and for their racism.

What color is Chelsea handlers eyes?


Will Chelsea fc be the best in English league?

Ofcourse they will! I am a CHELSEA FC fan! BLUE IS THE COLOR!

What color are you supposed to wear tomorrow for Chelsea king?

Wear blue in memory of Chelsea King.

What does Chelsea wallpaper design look like?

The chelsea wallpaper design depicts of a round blue logo, with a blue lion standing upward breathing fire out of its mouth. The logo says "CHELSEA, FOOTBALL CLUB."

What color eyes does Frank Lampard have?

Blue. Since he is a member of Chelsea. The song of Chelsea is BLUE IS THE COLOR