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He has won 14 games and lost nine in 23 regular-season and postseason contests against the Cowboys.

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Q: What is Andy Reids record vs the Cowboys?
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What is the head to head record of Pittsburgh Steelers vs cowboys?

Tied 15-15 Steelers are 2-1 vs. Cowboys in Superbowls

What is the all time record between the San Diego Chargers and the Dallas Cowboys?

The record for San Diego Chargers vs Dallas Cowboys is 3-6.

What was joe gibbs record vs the cowboys?


What is the Houston Texans franchise record vs Dallas Cowboys?

The Cowboys lead the series two games to one.

Bengals vs cowboys record?

Through the 2010 season, the Cowboys lead the all-time series six games to four.

What is the Minnesota Vikings vs Dallas Cowboys all-time playoff record?

The Minnesota Vikings have an all-time playoff record of 3-4 versus the Dallas Cowboys.

Which games did the cowboys win in 2007?

cowboys won vs colts 23-10 cowboys won vs broncos 31-20 cowboys won cowboys won vs giants 45-35 cowboys won vs dolphins 37-20 cowboys won vs bears 34-10 cowboys won vs rams 35-7 cowboys won vs bills 25-24 cowboys won vs vikings 24-14 cowboys won vs cowboys won vs eagles 38-17 cowboys won vs giants 31-20 cowboys won vs redskins 28-23 cowboys won vs jets 34-3 cowboys won vs packers 37-27 cowboys won vs lions 28-27 cowboys won vs panthers 20-13

What is the New England Patriots franchise win loss record vs the dallas cowboys?

The Cowboys have a .573 win percentage to New England's .536.

What is record number of first downs against dallas cowboys?

The New Orleans Saints gained 40 first downs vs the Dallas Cowboys 11/10/2013. The Cowboys lost 49-17.

What is Denver Vs Cowboys win lose record?

The Broncos, who have won the last four meetings, lead the series six games to five.

What team is home when using vs?

It would be the team after vs. For example, if it says Pittsburgh Steelers versus (vs) the Dallas Cowboys, the Cowboys are the home team.

Giants vs cowboys who won last night 6-10pm?

who won last night [giants vs. cowboys] 6-10pm