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another team member can pop the ball up and outside, middle, or backside can hit it

or they can just free the ball over

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Q: What if the ball goes in the net after a defender touch it with his hand?
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What is a double touch in volleyball?

A "net violation" unless touched by hair like in a pony tail. The only permissible touching of net during play is when a moving ball causes the net to contact a defender.

Can you hold the ball in bare hand and touch base with ball for an out?


Did maradona really touch the ball with his hand?


What goal does the opposing team get to make if you touch the soccer ball with your hand?

A delibrate hand ball leads to a penalty.

Is a ball over the touch line in rugby in the air?

When the ball is kicked past the try line it is still in play, which means that if the attacking team dives on it it is a try, if the defensive team touch down on it, it is a 10 yard drop out to them. If the ball continues rolling on past the try line and over the dead ball line the ball goes dead and is brought back for a drop out.

In baseball while in the field if the ball is caught in one hand and the other hand reaches out to touch the bag is it a force out or does the ball hand have to touch the bag?

As long as the player has control of the ball in either hand or glove and any part of the body touches the bag it is an out (only for a force out).

Hand ball in football?

Hand ball is a foul called to a player who accidentally or intentionally touch the ball from the hands to the biceps of a football player. If the hand ball is intentional, the referee may give a card to the player who did it (yellow or red card). The only player that is allowed to touch the ball with any part of his body is the goal keeper.

Can you tag the base with your bare hand with the ball in your glove?

The official rules state that a fielder need only hold a ball in his hand and touch a base. If the runner is forced to that base and the fielder touches the base while he is holding the ball, he is out. It does not say he has to step on the base. It just says he has to touch it. The runner, on the other hand, must be tagged with the hand that holds the ball.

How do you handball a football?

If the ball is kicked at you and you touch the ball with your hand aor elbow upwards that is classed as a handball. :)

In soccer if someone headers a ball in to the opponets hand and it goes in is it a goal even if it is not intensional?

If it was handled by a defender, deliberately or not, the goal would be awarded. If it was deliberate, there could be consequences for the defender, either a caution or a send off. If it was deliberately handled by an attacker, no goal would be awarded and the restart would be a direct free kick for the defense.

What ball do they use in Handball?

you touch the ball with your hand or hit the ball with your hand when your not a goalie. The goalie can only pick up the ball or make contact with the ball inside of the 18 metre crease. (The bigger crease).

What are the main football rules?

The first main rule is that unless you are a goal keeper you cannot touch the ball with your arm or hand. You have to try and get the ball into your opponents goal by passing to your team mates. You must not kick the ball out otherwise the ball goes to your opponent. You must not make dangerous tackles but if you slide tackle someone and you touch the ball then you wont get shown a card but if you don't touch the ball and hurt the opponent at the same time then you will get a yellow card and possibly a red if the tackle was dangerous. Play safe and Have fun!!!