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Q: What happens when you over mix a drop batter?
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What are the three main goals of mixing cake batter?

mix all of the chunks out don't over mix and don't under mix

What happens when radiation mix up?

what happens when radiation mix's with electricity

How do you add blueberries to box muffin mix?

Gently fold in fresh or thawed blueberries into the prepared muffin mix batter. Be careful not to overmix to prevent the blueberries from breaking apart and turning the batter purple. Spoon the batter into muffin cups and bake according to the package instructions.

Why was the cake mixer invented?

To mix cake batter?

Can scone mix substitute pancake mix?

Absolutely! Just make sure the consistency is that of pancake batter. Add a little milk to thin out the scone batter if necessary.

What happens when you mix waterhoeyand oil?

what happens

Is cake batter a mixture or a substance?

a mixture because you mix the ingredients to get the cake batter

What happens when you add acid to base mix?

It will neutralize the mix.

How do you make cough syrup into lean?

Mix it with sprite. Drop 2jolly ranchers in and mix til its liquified

What is the present tense for mix?

The present tense for "mix" is "mix" for first and second person, and "mixes" for third person singular. For example: I mix the ingredients, you mix the batter, he mixes the drinks.

What if your brownie mix leaked from your brownie pan?

Obviously, you need a need a new brownie tin! If the brownies ran over the top of the pan while baking, that pan is too small for the amount of batter in your mix or recipe. Use a larger pan.

What happens if you don't mix cake mix?

The cake will not taste the way it is supposed to.