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9 ... K Fred Cox, DE Carl Eller, LB Wally Hilgenburg, S Paul Krause, DE Jim Marshall, DT Alan Page, C Mick Tinglehoff, G Ed White, T Ron Yary.

DB Bobby Bryant was also on all four Super Bowl teams but did not play in SBs IV and IX due to injury.

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Chiefs, Dolphins, Steelers, and Raiders.

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Q: What four teams did the vikings face when they lost the super bowl?
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Did the Miami Dolphins face the Minnesota Vikings in the 1972 super bowl?

The Miami Dolphins faced the Minnesota Vikings in the 1973 Super Bowl. They faced the Washington Redskins in the 1972 Super Bowl.

What is the big event in American Football?

The super bowl When the two best teams in the NFL face off for the championship!

Which teams did John elway face in his 5 Super Bowl appearance?

Giants, Redskins, 49ers, Packers, and Falcons.

What Super Bowl did the giants and patriots face in 2008?

Super Bowl XLII (42)

Have the Seattle Seahawks and Pittsburgh Steelers played each other in a Super Bowl?

The Steelers and Eagles have never faced each other in the Super Bowl. Pittsburgh has been to the Super Bowl six times, facing the Minnesota Vikings (IX), the Dallas Cowboys (X, XIII, XXX) , The LA Rams (XIV), the Seattle Seahawks (XL). They are 5-1 in Super Bowl play. Philadelphia has been to the Super Bowl twice, fsacing the Oakland Raiders (XV) and the New England Patriots (XXXIX). The Eagles are 0-2 in Super Bowl play.

Who face the colts at the Super Bowl?

Chicago bears

What is the face value of a super bowl?

The face value of a Super Bowl ticket will vary depending on the seat. For the 2015 Super Bowl, the cost of tickets will range from $1,882 for upper level end zones seats to $7,507 for club level premium seats.

Who are the Pittsburgh Steelers playing against in the 2011 Super Bowl?

The Steelers will face the Green Bay Packers in Super Bowl XLV.

What teams in your opinion are going to face off in the Super Bowl?

I believe that Baltimore and the Cowboys are going to.Unless the Baltimore and New England game was a fluk, But the Cowboys have been doing good so I think they can beat the Vikings then the Saints. If the Baltimore and New England game was a fluk then the Superbowl game would be Cowboys vs Chargers.

Face value for Super Bowl tickets 2008?


Who did the Jets face when they won the super bowl?

Baltimore Colts

Who did Tom Brady face in his three Super Bowls?

The St. Louis Rams in Super Bowl 36, the Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl 38, and the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl 39. He won all 3