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it is most likely gonna be a lineman because the team can't score with out the big guys

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Q: What football position is more likely to get a scholarship offer?
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How can you get a shcolarship in football?

When you get in high school college coaches come watch you if they think your a good player they will offer you a scholarship.

Can you get a partial scholarship to a div 1 football?

Yes, usually the only two sports that offer full ride scholarships to all of their lettermen are football and basketball. The rest usually have athletes on partial scholarships.

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How do know when college football program is interested in you?

Generally when a program is interested with you they will send you letters inviting you to camps and games. If they are seriously interested they will call you, probably through your high school coach, and if you are lucky offer a scholarship.

What is an average division 2 baseball scholarship offer?

Around 25%

Why can I only make roster changes on NFL Fantasy football on my PC and phone but not my Mac?

Most likely its because the fantasy football software does not offer support for the MAC system you are using.

How does an undergraduate get a scholarship?

You can get a scholarship by applying to different places that offer them. Usually these are from companies for essays or academic achievements so get those grades up!

What is a partial scholarship?

When someone gets a little money for college, but not all of it.

If i have a talent and i have no money for cricket then what i will do?

Join a decent club. If you do indeed have talent they may offer you a scholarship of some kind, or payment for playing, and can pass on a recommendation to other better clubs that are more likely to.

What are some of the places that offer scolar programs?

There are many organizations that offer scholarship programs. Most universities and colleges offer scholarships to students who have had good marks in high school or who excel at a sport. Scholarship America is a non-profit organization that has many available scholarship programs. Some of these are limited to employees of a certain company but others are open to everyone.

How much do you expect if we offer this position?

How much do you expect if we offer you this position