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Q: What font is the Chicago Bears jersey numbers?
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What font do the Chicago Bears use in their logo?

The logo for the Chicago Bears is written in the font OL London Black. The link to the font is:

What font is the Chicago Bears helmet?

Im pretty sure it is custom.

What font is used for the Cleveland Browns jersey numbers?


What font is used for the numbers on the back of the all blacks jersey?


What is the font for the Chicago Blackhawks?

This question is very unclear. To be more clear list the font of the certain item you are talking about.

What font is used for Manchester united jersey numbers?


What font do the Chicago Police use in the livery on the side of their vehicles?

Jersey M54..... is the font used by the CPD. However, it might need some small modifications.

What font is used on soccer jersey numbers?

There are many different fonts used for different teams. There is no standardised font for numbers or names. However, there are examples of fonts in the "Related Links" section

What are the letters on Chicago Bears sleeves?

There are a couple different fonts that are used for the Chicago Bears font. The 'Chicago Bears' is made with London Black. The numbers that are typically included with it are custom, modified versions of Din Engschrift.

What font used on the detroit tiger jersey?

PERCIVAL in tiger font

What font is used in Memphis grizzlies jersey?

The font that is used on this jersey is Futura Condensed. It was picked out by the marketing department for this group to make the name more recognizable.

What font to use for Chicago style?

Times New Roman 12 pt font