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Berthold City Bold

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Texan text.

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Q: What font does the University of Alabama use?
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What is the closest Font used for the Alabama Crimson Tide A?

The Alabama Crimson Tide A is not actually a font, rather it is a designed logo for the University of Alabama. The LHF Goldsmith Script font is similar to the Alabama A.

What is the font for the university of Alabama?

good luck in getting a straight answer

What is the font style used for the University of South Alabama?

The font style used for the University of South Alabama logo is typically a custom-designed or modified typeface to create a unique brand identity. It may not be readily available for public use.

What font does University of Maryland use?

The primary typeface for the University of Maryland logo is Bembo.

What are 3 universitys in Alabama?

University of Alabama Auburn University Samford University Alabama A&M University of North Alabama University of West Alabama University of South Alabama Alabama State University University of Mobile

Where did Bart Starr play college football?

University of Alabama.

What font does Long Beach State University use?

its bosox but i believe it edited

What are some colleges from Alabama?

University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa Calhoun Community College in Decatur University of North Alabama in Florence Alabama State University in Montgomery Jacksonville State University in Jacksonville University of West Alabama in Livingston University of North Alabama in Florence University of South Alabama in Mobile

Is the university of Alabama in Alabama?

The University of Alabama is located in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, which is about 45 minutes from Birmingham, Alabama.

What are the college football teams in Alabama?

UAB auburn university university of alabama university of north alabama jacksonville state university samford university university of west alabama troy university birmingham southern college university of south alabama faulkner university huntingdon college AUM- Auburn University Montgomery (if you wanted to know)Also Virginia College

How many division 1 NCAA basketball teams are there in Alabama?

4 Divisin 1 teams: University of Alabama, Auburn University, University of Alabama- Birminingham, Troy University

What colleges are in Alabama?

University of Alabama UAB Auburn University University of South Alabama Troy University There are tons more