What does time is irrelevant mean?

Updated: 10/25/2022
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I think that it has no meaning at all

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Q: What does time is irrelevant mean?
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What does the phrase 'intentions are irrelevant to effects' mean?

intentions are what you mean to happen, or what you plan on doing irrelevant means that it does not matter, or is not important effects means what happens "Intentions are irrelevant to effects" means that what you mean to happen does not matter; what actually does happen is what matters.

What dose irrelevant mean?

it means its not of any importance 'dose irrelevant' or 'irrelevant dose' I suppose would mean that the medication is not necessary, or possibly that the dose is so small that it has no effect.

What does irrevelant mean?

it mean like not necessary and for no reason and it means like why would you do that

What does irrelavent mean?

Irrelevant means not related or connected to the topic being discussed. If something is irrelevant, it is not important or applicable to the situation at hand.

What is mean by moot point?

it's academic, irrelevant,does not matter

What does the sooner state mean?

It means to be irrelevant to everything that goes on:)

What does it mean to have a god fortune?

it means you get an irrelevant answer whenever you ask

What circumstance would the time value of money be irrelevant?

The time value of money is irrelevant to purchases paid in full. Money's time value is related to how long it takes to pay off a mortgage or a credit card.

What time is utc?

UTC time (Coordinated Universal Time) is time based on International Atomic Time with leap seconds added as needed. It is not precisely the same as Greenwich Mean Time, but the slight difference is irrelevant if you don't need to have time given with accuracy of less than a second.

What does irrelevant meane?

Irrelevant means that it is not important to the current situation.For example if you are buying shoes; your shoe size is important information at that point in time; and your Golf score is irrelevant.

What is so special on December 7 and what time did it happened?

As far as I am concerned, nothing and so the time is irrelevant.

What is the antonym of relevant?