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it is the cavaliers 40th year as a franchise. In roman numerals XL means 40.

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Q: What does the Cleveland Cavaliers XL mean?
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When was Cleveland Cavaliers created?

Cleveland Cavaliers was created in 1970.

When did the Cleveland Cavaliers form?

The Cleveland Cavaliers franchise started 1970.

What state does the Cleveland Cavaliers come from?

the Cleveland cavaliers come from Cleveland, Ohio. (the state is Ohio.)

The musician Usher owns part of what NBA team?

i think its Cleveland Cavaliers

Who is a better basketball team the Dallas mavericks or the Cleveland cavaliers?

The Cleveland Cavaliers

What is Dion Waiters's number on the Cleveland Cavaliers?

Dion Waiters is number 3 on the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Who is the general manager for the Cleveland Cavaliers?

Danny Ferry is the general manager for Cleveland Cavaliers.

Who is first in the NBA?

statistically, the Cleveland cavaliers, realistically, the L.A. Lakers, who have beaten them in L.A. and Cleveland

Is Cleveland Cavaliers Lakers?

No they are not. The Cleveland Cavaliers are a separate NBA franchise to the Los Angeles Lakers. The lakers are from Los Angeles, California and the Cavaliers are located in Cleveland, Ohio.

What is the Cleveland Cavaliers basketball court named?

The Cleveland Cavaliers play at Quicken Loans Arena in downtown Cleveland, Ohio.

What is Jarrett Jack's number on the Cleveland Cavaliers?

Jarrett Jack is number 1 on the Cleveland Cavaliers.

What is Joe Harris's number on the Cleveland Cavaliers?

Joe Harris is number 12 on the Cleveland Cavaliers.