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Q: What does teamwork have to do with a baseball game?
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How do you explain teamwork to a second grader?

AnswerTake him to a baseball game and explain to him that the guys on the team each do their part in playing the game such as batting, catchers, pitchers, etc. and they all do their best and they work together as a team to win the game.

What is a coordination of efforts as in a game or group work?


What teamwork do wolves have?

Wolves work with each other to hunt for game. They are family.

How do you win a game of hand ball?

no kicking and throw the ball to your teamates .teamwork! (;

What is the direct object in this sentence In every game the players showed great teamwork and spirit.?

The direct object is a compound direct object: teamwork and spirit.players showed teamworkplayers showed spirit

Why do you play baseball?

I play baseball because I love the adrenaline rush of competition, the teamwork involved, and the opportunity to showcase my skills and passion for the game.

Why is teamworkimportant in soccer?

Teamwork in soccer is important so the team can work together and win the game.

How did Jackie Robinson show his nine values?

Jackie Robinson showed teamwork by telling the team that they are going to make and win that game against that team they are going against. That's how he showed Teamwork.

Why do you have teamwork?

You need teamwork to be a team!!

Why do you teamwork?

You need teamwork to be a team!!

Why is soccer an important game?

Soccer (football) is a world sport for peace and happiness fun teamwork trying your hardest

What is running dictation?

The game implemented in this reseach is running dictation game. Running dictation is spelling game (good for teamwork, thinking and memory skills, as well as application of spelling rules).