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A batter going the other way means that in the case of a right handed hitter, he will hit the Baseball to right field and in the event of a left handed hitter, he will hit a pitched baseball to left field which is going the other way in baseball terms.

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Q: What does it mean when they say in baseball that the batter went the other way?
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What does the term went around mean in baseball?

"Went around" means swung in baseball jargon. When a batter tries to check (stop) his swing, the umpire must determine whether he succeeded in stopping his swing, or whether he "went around" (that is, swung the bat far enough that it's considered a swing). The home plate umpire will often appeal this call to the first base umpire for a right handed hitter, or to the third base umpire for a left handed hitter.

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In Softball, just like Baseball, the home-plate umpire is the highest umpire and makes most of the final decisions. A good example of an appeal would be: Pitcher pitches a ball out of the strike zone. The batter checks their swing and the home plate umpire calls a ball. The catcher thinks the batter may have went around with the bat, so the catcher then appeals the call by asking either the umpire on 1st or 3rd (depending on whether the batter is left- or right-handed) for their judgment, since they are able to see clearly whether the batter went around or not. Although the Home Plate Umpire made the call, the other umpire now has the ability to overrule his call if it, indeed, was a strike. If the call is not appealed, the other umpire is not allowed to overrule the call, even if it is wrong.

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