What does first draft mean?

Updated: 12/19/2022
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First draft is generally a report or story to be corrected after the entire thing is finished. It is so that you have all of the content that needs to be included, but grammar and structure may need to be revised

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Q: What does first draft mean?
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What do you mean by first draft in business comunication?

First draft is the assignment with the first round of corrections and editing. Final draft is the finished product,you are saying - this is it, editing, proofreading, correcting all done. It's ready for the grading

What is an UNLIKELY outcome when a writer fails to revise a first draft?

Approval of the first draft is the unlikely outcome when a writer fails to revise a first draft.

Is bank draft and demand draft mean the same?


What do you mean by drawn on in the case of a demand draft?

what do u mean by bank drrawn on in demand draft

Who did Jefferson show the first draft of the declaration to?

Jefferson showed the first draft to Benjamin Franklin and John Adams. He wrote the first draft in only 2 days.

How old is the NFL draft?

The first NFL draft was in 1936.

How is a first draft different from brainstorming?

a first draft begins to develop the ideas that came in brainstorming

The first national draft was used when?

The draft was first used during the American Civil War

What is the objective of a first draft?

The objective of a first draft is to produce something which is going to be similar to your final copy. There are usually many things in a first draft which are either removed or improved in the second or third draft and are perfect in the final copy.

Who wrote the first draft of the independence of declaration?

Thomas Jefferson wrote Almost the entire first draft.

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