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Q: What does cooper mean back in the olden days?
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What did hang on a minute mate mean in the olden days?

They didn't use this term back in "the olden days." It's a modern term meaning to wait for a minute.

What kind of games did the adults play in the olden days?

Which "olden days?" That could mean any time period from the mid-late 20th century back to Neolithic times.

What is an aboriginal midden it is a rubbish or trash heap of remains where people have disscarded unwanted items?

it mean back in the olden days

How long did it take for a photograph to be taken in the olden days?

It depends on the camera and the lighting and what you mean by "olden days." The first photograph ever taken took eight hours of exposure.

Why do girls cross there legs?

You mean when they sit down on a chair?? I suppose it's just because of the the polit lady-like way back in the olden days.

What did they call the toilet in the olden days?

In the "olden days", they didn't have toilets (I'm assuming you mean the porcelain fixture that you urinate and/or defecate into). Some terms that I'm aware of from when they were first becoming popular: sanitary facility, water closet, wc.

What does the word olden mean?

The adjective "olden" means "earlier" or "former" as in olden days and olden times, and is used to refer to any of several time periods, including the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, Colonial America, or as late as the late 19th century.

Does Persian evolve?

If you mean Persia in the olden days, today it is called Iran No, I mean Persian as in the Pokemon that looks like a puma!

Does gay in the olden days mean happy?

Yes And it still does but it also means liking a guy when you are a guy yourself.

What does the word bustle mean?

To move around busily and excitedly , or a frame holding a woman's skirt out in olden days.

Which methods of communication was available in olden days?

Well it all depends, on just what you mean by "olden", there was many communication methods: Messengers, Pegeons that carried notes, some say Indians used to use smoke as a form of communication. The is all i can remember for now hope it helped

What does the word maroon means?

It is a dark red colour and it also used to mean in the olden days, to strand someone on an island.