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It means that neither team can score over seven runs (points) more than the opposing team. This is an example of a "Slaughter Rule."

For the Visiting Team:

If the Visiting Team scores 7 runs more than the Home Team's current score, their half-inning is over and they must take the field. The inning is treated as a final inning unless the Home Team can produce a run to shorten the spread. If the Home Team cannot score a run during their turn at bat, the game is called and the Visiting Team wins.

For the Home Team:

If the Home Team scores 7 runs more than the Visiting Team's current score, the game is called and the Home Team wins. The inning is treated as the final inning and the Visiting Team does not get an opportunity to rally.

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Q: What does Maximum run spread per game is 7 regardless of score mean?
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