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Q: What does Got you wide mean in field hockey?
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Which Indian sports woman got the highest number of world medals?

field hockey

What are some field hockey quotes?

some good quotes for field hcokey are-- *kiss my kilt *if you cant play nice play field hockey *dont you wish you are girlfriend could play field hcokey like me *we arent just chicks with sticks.. we got balls too .

What does oui maman tyler a un match de hockey aujourd'hui tu as oublié maman mean in french?

"Yes mum, Tyler's got a hockey competition today, you have forgotten mu "

How can you get a more powerful hockey stride?

i got a mor powerfull hockey stride by staying low on your skates and i roller bladed & ice skated every chance i got

In the friends sitcom who got hit in the face with a hockey puck?

Ross got hit by a hockey puck after agreeing to go to a New York Rangers game with Chandler and Joey.

Who inpierd Alexander ovehkin to play hockey?

His brother, Sergei, is the one who got him into hockey and, I guess, inspired him to become a hockey player. Sadly, Sergei died in a car crash.

What are similarities between Harper and King-Byng?

What has this nonsense got to do with hockey??

Who is top American hockey got the top score?

Wayne Gretzsky

How much money did the ice hockey players make in the 1886's?

Hockey was an amateur game in the 1880's. No one got paid.

Why don't people see the hockey matches instead of cricket?

Cricket has got a special enjoyment in it which hockey lacks.Enjoyment in the sense;boundaries,sixes,wicket,catches,electrifying crowd,etc. It has got its 3 formats ODI,Test and T-20,which has different twists and turns in it,which hockey lacks.

Does anybody in one direction play hockey or like hockey?

None play but in an interview in Montreal last March, Liam got offered a hockey stick and said they caught it on TV a couple of times :)

What does the saying you've got mud on your face mean?

Maybe you fell face first in the dirt field during a rainstorm?