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The X doesn't determine anything in the total score. The X is used at the bottom of the last inning, meaning the home team did not have to bat, because they had already won the game.

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Q: What does 0 x mean in baseball innings total score?
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What does 9I in a B G mean?

9 Innings in a Baseball Game.

What does the baseball statistic IN mean?

'IN' stands for 'innings' and is usually seen in a line of statistics for a pitcher.

What does H9 mean in baseball pitching stats?

It refers to hits allowed per nine innings pitched.

What does 5 score mean?

A score is equal to 20 units, so 5 scores would be 100 units in total.

What does p in baseball box score mean?

The position "p" is for pitcher.

What is the fx column in a frequency distribution table?

The fx column in a Frequency Distribution Table is the frequency (f) multiplied by the Class Centre or score (x). If the score is 22. And the freqency for that score is 7. fx = 22*7 = 154 You can use the total of the fx column to find the mean. The total fx divided by the total frequency = Mean.

What does TB mean in baseball?

Total Bases

What is the formula to get mean percentage score?

Mean percentage score can be calculated by summing up all individual scores and then dividing by the total number of scores. Then, the result can be multiplied by 100 to convert it into a percentage. Mathematically, it can be represented as: Mean percentage score = (Σ individual scores / total number of scores) * 100.

What does it mean to have a pitcher in baseball scatter hits?

This probably means that if he gave up, say, 5 hits over 6 innings, maybe 1 in each of the first 5 innings. In other words, he didn't give up all 5 hits to 5 consecutive batters.

What does 1846 mean in baseball?

That year was the 1st recorded game with rules played in Hoboken, NJ as the NY Nine beat the NY Knickerbockers 23-1 in 4 innings.

What does total chances mean in baseball?

Total plays in which a defensive fielder has participated in.

Why is the k used on the score card instead of a x?

If you mean in baseball, K is for strikeout, from the letter in the word.