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cookies and a damp sock

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Q: What do you get if you win Wayne Rooney street striker?
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Who would win in a fight between Wayne Rooney and john terry?

Wayne Rooney

What landmark goal did Wayne Rooney score in the 8-2 win over Arsenal?

Wayne Rooney scored his 150th goal for United in the 8-2 win over Arsenal.

Which landmark goal did Wayne Rooney score in the 8-2 win over Arsenal?


Who would win in a fight between Adrian Peterson and Wayne Rooney?

Wayne Rooney is the obvious answer. He runs a faster 40, benches and squats more, and was considered to be a threat in England during his teen years.

Who is likely to win the golden boot in the PL?

In the E.P.L the footballer most likely to win the golden boot is Wayne Rooney or dider Drogba.

Who would win in a street fight jay z or lil Wayne?

Lil Wayne!

How long is berbatov staying at man you?

If you mean Dimitar Berbatov at man u (Manchester United) then it could well depend on his performance as well as what does Wayne Rooney has in store. If Rooney strikes top form and United win the title, then they may feel no need to retain Berbatov next season. There are rumours of AC Milan being interested. While if Rooney continues in the lackadaisical way he is at the moment then Rooney will surely be on his way out and Berbatov will stay and another striker would come in.

When did Wayne Rooney win the premier league goal of the season?

Against Manchester City, in 2011. The famous bicycle kick...

Who scored the winning goal for utd in the world club championship final in 2008?

Wayne Rooney scored the winner in a 1-0 win.

What football team does Coleen Rooney support?

Wayne Rooney supports Manchester City and Crawley Town. What a titman united

How do you win the ball from a striker in soccer?

kick the ball away from them

Who will win the match between Manchester United and Liverpool?

Chelsea is in wonderful form.Chelsea has tendency to win this match.