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Q: What do you call a small place mat for a cup?
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What do you call a small mat that you put hot pans on?

trivet or hot pad

What is a placemat?

It's a small mat that you place on the dining table to place plates and other eating utensils on.

How do you use Place mat in a sentence?

I just finished eating, now I have to clean my place mat. ; place mat--A protective table mat for a single setting of dishes and flatware.

What is a place where you play boxing called?

The mat. In "Boxing" it's called the "Canvas", Wrestler's call it "The Mat". Hope this helped! :)

What does cup mat means in french?

acup mat is 'une sous-tassse' when used with a cup or mug. The same thing used with your glass is 'un sous-verre'

What could prevent the locking bars from sliding into place on the mat?

Mat binding and dirt Mat could be twisted or debris

What is small rug by a door?

a door mat

Another name for a small rug?


What is sound of shoes called?

You mat call it a squeak.

What are some examples of a square prism?

Pieces of timber ("4 by 4" or "2 by 2") with a square cross section but a long length. A square place mat or beer mat , with a square (obviously) cross section and a very small height.

What place name ends in at?

Laundry Mat

What is a better word than mat?

Small rug?