What do lions do to help us?

Updated: 12/21/2022
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Lions get rid of carcasses of animals , lying n the jungle.

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Q: What do lions do to help us?
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Is zira alive?

my guess she is alive and seeking revenge kopa will help us! lions can swim if you know

What are you doing to protect lions?

I, personally, am dong nothing to help lions.

Do lions give us shelter?


How do people help lions?

People help lions by supporting conservation efforts, such as establishing protected areas, anti-poaching initiatives, and community education programs. They also contribute to lion research and monitoring projects to better understand their behavior and habitat needs. Additionally, promoting responsible tourism practices can help generate income for local communities and incentivize lion conservation.

Do lions have a relationship with humans?

yes b-cuz we can kill them and the lions can brutally maul us.

What is the point of lions?

Lions help complete the food chain without them the food chain could collapse.

What animals hunt hyenas?

The answer is the animal that hunt the Hyena are: Lions, Jaguar and crocodiles

How do lions help?

please be more specific with what you mean.

Why should people help lions?

because their poor

How do claws help lions?

the lions claws help them to grab their pray therefore they are now able to use their teeth to clamp around their preys neck suffocating their prey.

How can you help the lions?

You can help lions by supporting conservation organizations that work to protect their habitats, spreading awareness about their plight, and promoting responsible tourism practices that do not harm or exploit these magnificent animals.

What big cats are native to US?

Mountain lions.