What do catchers ware under there MIT?

Updated: 12/10/2022
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some catchers wear batting gloves underneath their gloves, while others don't wear anything. i personally like to go glove-less underneath my glove

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Q: What do catchers ware under there MIT?
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Do baseball catchers use different baseball gloves than the pitcher?

Yes, they use a catchers mit, its wider with more room.

I have an old catchers glove it's a rawlings fj 42 gene somebody indorsed glove looking for the name of the endorser and value of glove?

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Is there a size limit to the to the size of a catchers mitt?

No, but if your in the little league you shouldn't wear a Major Leage sized catchers mit. It could be as large or small as you want, but make sure that the manager or coach accepts it, and most importantly make sure that it fits you.

How much does a regulation catchers mitt weigh?

Typically a good catchers mitt will weight under 2lbs. Akadema Praying Mantis pro level Catchers mitt weights approx. 1lb 8oz.

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