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Q: What do I need to do to become a NBA journalist?
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What do you need to study in Uni to become a Journalist?

Journalism and literature, you also need to have a good knowledge of the English language.

What classes in high school do you need to become a journalist?

A heavy course of study in English will help.

How can one become a journalist?

To become a journalist, it is best to obtain your bachelors degree in journalism, english or communications. All are great entryways into becoming a journalist.

What is the average salary of a NBA journalist?

The average salary of a NBA journalist is close to $35,000. The amount will vary depending upon the education, experience and skill level.

What college writing courses should I take I want to become a journalist?

To become a journalist you will need to choose the right college and decide what kind of journalict you will become first. Taking a free writing class is a great idea and also a creative writing course.

What does it take to become a journalist?

You need to get a degree and have tons and tons of note books you will have to right a lot of stuff

How did Meredith Vieira become a journalist?

She is not a journalist by any traditional standards

What educational background would you need to become a fashion journalist?

you should major in journalism and minor in fashion merchandising

When did Debbie become famous?


How did John Spargo become a journalist?

he felt like writing stuff so he became a journalist...

What do you major in college to become a journalist?


Can you become a journalist with a criminal justice degree?