What division are the 49ers in?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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The 49ers are in the National Football Conference and within that conference they play in the Western Division, otherwise known as the NFC West. They share this division with the Arizona Cardinals, Seattle Seahawks, and Saint Louis Rams.

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Q: What division are the 49ers in?
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How many division wins do the 49ers have?


Did the 49ers go to the playoffs in 2010?

No they didn't, the 49ers did not take first place in their division or make the wild card run. The Philadelphia Eagles and the Green Bay Packers took the wild card spots and the Arizona Cardinals took first place in the 49ers division

What division do the niners play next year?

The 49ers will face play all teams in their division twice, plus all the teams from one NFC division and an AFC division.

What are 4 national football coference team in the west division?

Cardinals Rams 49ers Seahawks

What was the colts division in 1968?

NFL Coastal. The Colts played in the NFL Coastal division (with the Los Angeles Rams, Atlanta Falcons, and San Francisco 49ers) between 1967-1969.

How many Super Bowl championships do 49ers have?

18 Division Championships, 5 Conference Championships, 5 Super Bowl Championships.

How many NFL championships does san francisco have?

Th 49ers have 5 super bowl championships, 5 conference championships and 17 division championships.

Who do the 49ers play next year?

The 49ers will play their division rivals (Seattle, St. Louis, Arizona) twice. They will play the NFC South (Carolina, Atlanta, New Orleans, Tampa Bay) They will play the AFC South (Indianapolis, Tennessee, Houston, Jacksonville) They will play the NFC East and NFC North teams that match the Niners finishing position in their division - i.e. if the Niners win the NFC West they play the NFC East and NFC North division champs.

Who is in the seahawks division?

The Seahawks play in the NFC West The other teams in the NFC West are: Arizona Cardinals San Francisco 49ers St. Louis Rams

Do the 49ers stink?

The 49ers do not stink.

Who will win super bowl 49?

The 49ers!

Who is better packers or 49ers?

49ers all dayy (: