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Q: What did olden days people think about the arrangement of the stars?
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What did people think about the arrangement of the stars and planets in ancient Greece?

they thought that the earth was flat and that you could swim right off the edge!

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Why do people look at the stars do they think they are shrinking?

No, people do not think stars are shrinking when they look at them. People look at the stars because they are fascinated by the beauty and wonder of the night sky. Studying stars also helps us understand the universe and our place in it.

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Why did people once think there was blackness between the stars?


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they thought they were draining out the "bad" blood that had the virus or whatever that was making the person sick.

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in the 1800's i think

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Giver is a thing that matches people together. In my opinion i think you should just wait and let love come to you.

What did people think that the planets and stars orbit around?

around Earth!

How many stars are There in the Pisces star constellation?

some people think 21 main stars and others 7 main stars.