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Ken Stabler was a former American Football quaterback for the Oakland Raiders followed by the Houston Oilers and then the New Orleans Saints. He was the fastest to win 100 games as a starting back.

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Q: What did Ken Stabler achieve in his career?
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How many years did Kenny Stabler play in NFL?

Quarterback Ken Stabler had 2,270 completions for 27,938 yards in his NFL career.

How many wins did Ken Stabler achieve with the raiders?

During his 10 seasons (1970-1979) with the Raiders, Stabler started 96 games and won 69 of them.

Did ken stabler set a record?

Yes, Ken Stabler set various records during his NFL career, including leading the league in touchdown passes in 1974. He was also known for his clutch performances and guiding the Oakland Raiders to a Super Bowl victory in 1977.

Who was alabama's quarterback in 1969?

Ken Stabler

What number did Ken Stabler wear?


How old is Ken Stabler?

Ken Stabler was born on December 25, 1945 in Foley, AL.

What former Oakland Raider quarterback was called Snake?

Ken Stabler Ken Stabler "Snake" was at the forefront of the Oakland Raiders glory years under Coach John Madden.

What player holds the record for most passing yards for the raiders?

Season: 4,689 by Rich Gannon in 2002.Career: 19,078 by Ken Stabler between 1970-1979.

What year did ken stabler play in new Orleans?


Who were the wide receivers during Ken Stabler's era?


Did Ken Stabler retire with the Raiders?

No. Stabler spent the first 12 seasons of his career (1968-1979) with the Raiders. He was traded to the Houston Oilers before the 1980 season for Dan Pastorini. He spent two seasons in Houston (1980-1981) and ended his career playing three seasons with the New Orleans Saints (1982-1984).

What is the nickname shared by quarterbacks Ken Stabler and Jake Plummer?

The Snake