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Q: What degree did Michael Vick receive from Va Tech?
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Did Michael Vick graduate from Va Tech?

Yes he did. What degree did he receive

Was Michael Vick a wide receive when in played for Virginia Tech in college?

He was the starting quarterback at Va. Tech.

What college did Micheal Vick go to?

Virginia tech

Where did Michael Vick gradute?

Virgina Tech

What college is Michael Vick in?

Virginia tech-hokies

What education does Michael Vick have?

he graduated from Virginia tech

Who did Michael Vick play for in college?

Virginia tech

What collage did Michael Vick attend?

Virginia Tech.

Who did Michael Vick play for in college football?

Virginia Tech

How long was Michael Vick at Va Tech?

2 Years. 1999 and 2000

Did Michael Vick ever play basketball?

Yes he did. He went to Virginia Tech

What number does Michael Vick play for the Syracuse?

He did not play for Syracuse. He went to Virginia Tech.