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February 26, 2009 in Santa Monica

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February 26, 2009

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Q: What day did Tom Brady and gisele get married?
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Who are tom bradys parents?

Tom Brady's parents are Thomas Edward Brady Sr. and Galynn Ann (Johnson) Brady. They were married on 19 April 1969 in Todd Co., Minnesota. Did you know that, April 19 is also Patriot's day in Massachusetts? But not because of the Patriots football team, it's the date of the Battle of Lexington aka the start of the American Revolution.

When does Tom Brady leave the patriots?

never. the day he dies.

Is Tom Brady mormon?

Tom Brady, NFL player, is not a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (commonly called the "Mormon" church).

How much is a Tom Brady card wroth?

$612 dollars on a good day

How many calories does Gisele eat a day?


What day did Nicole kidman and Tom Cruise get married?

December 24, 1990

Is George brady alive to this day?

george brady is still alive from this day

Who's a better fantasy player Tom Brady or Drew Brees?

Peyton Manning has better stats and more NFL MVPs but Tom Brady has three Super Bowl wins. Rings don't count.

What college did Tom Brady graduate from?

Michigan and he went there and was back up for four years then drafted by the Pats. He got his time to shine when Bledso got hurt and he went in and did great. To this day he his great but just last year he tore his ACL and didnt get to play for the pats for the whole year. Maybe not even this year. (Matt Cassel filled in for him while he was hurt. He came out and did a great job. They did decent that year but didnt make the playoffs. Matt was more of a Micheal Vick runner than a tom brady cannon arm.)My opinon on Tom is that he is a great quarterback and has a good personality. Some people say hes a jerk but i say not. I cant wait til hes back. Did you know that he was recently married to the super model gazzell. She was feeding him food on the front cover of the globe. He also had a man purse.

Is David Ortiz more popular than Tom Brady in Boston?

David Ortis is way more popular then Tom Brady even though Brady is more talented.The reason Ortis is more popular is because Boston is a baseball city and it's on every day while football is on only on once a week. Also David Ortis is the best clutch hitter in the MLB and has a great smile. Ortis is the face of power-aid too while Brady only had a visa add last year. Tom Brady has problems off the field too. He just had a baby with his ex-girlfriend and now has a new girlfriend. After all I said it's a lot closer then you think because Tom Brady led the Pats to three chapionships and Ortis only one. But I'd still say Ortis by a long shot. I hope you liked my blog.

What are the release dates for Day by Day - 1988 A Very Brady Episode 2-11?

Day by Day - 1988 A Very Brady Episode 2-11 was released on: USA: 5 February 1989

What day did george brady die?

The answer is that he never died... Hana Brady did die In the death chambers but George did live.