What date does dallas play the chiefs?

Updated: 12/21/2022
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It's not really a date but a day.

Thanksgiving is the day.

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Q: What date does dallas play the chiefs?
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Did Tony Gonzalez ever play for Dallas Cowboys?

No he did not played for the chiefs and the falcons

Where did the chiefs first play in Kansas City?

Dallas The Chiefs played as the Dallas Texans between 1960-1962.

who is better chiefs or the Dallas Cowboys?


When did the Kansas City Chiefs leave Texas?

The chiefs left dallas Texas after the 1961 season

What other cities have the Chiefs called home?

Only Dallas. They were originally the Dallas Texans.

Why does Kansas City Chiefs coach have Dallas Texas on jacket?

It is there throwback from when they played in Dallas.

Why do Kansas City Chiefs have the shape of Texas on their helmets?

In select games for the 2009 season, the Chiefs-as well as the other founding teams of the American Football League-will wear "throwback" uniforms to celebrate the AFL's 50th anniversary and the 1962 Dallas Texans team that won the AFL Championship. the Chiefs were the AFC Dallas Texans before going to KC and becoming the Chiefs. The NFL is having having the teams wear their old jerseys to recognize the 50th anniversary of the AFC.When that franchise ( KC ) started play in the league as the Dallas Texans.

Which current NFL team originated as the Dallas Texans?

The Kansas City Chiefs played their first three seasons (1960-1962) in Dallas as the Texans.

How did the Kansas City Chiefs become a team?

The Chiefs became a team when the AFL was formed and started out as the Dallas Texans.

Who started football chiefs?

Lamar Hunt, as the Dallas Texans

Where did Dallas Texans go?

The Dallas Texans were owned by Lamar Hunt. When Dallas could not support two teams, Hunt moved to Kansas City and the Chiefs were born.

How many times have the dallas cowboys beat the kansas city chiefs?

The Chiefs have only beaten the Cowboys 3 times.