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Q: What contains a radio antennas and tiny chip?
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What is the name of a silicon chip developed in the 1960's that contains large numbers of tiny transistors?


What contains tiny chips and radio antennas the data in them is read by a reader whenever it is in range from two inches to up to 300 feet or more?

The item you are referring to is an RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tag. These tags contain a microchip that stores data and an antenna that enables communication with a reader through radio waves. The reader can wirelessly access the information on the tag when it is within a certain range, making it a widely used technology for tracking and identifying objects.

What is the name of a bug that is tiny and has antennas and hops that you saw in puddles and by the doors of your house as well as inside on the tile?


What contains a tiny egg?

A bird's nest typically contains a tiny egg.

What contains only a tiny fraction of mass?

A tiny piece of something.

What is a four letter word that is a tiny piece of silicone with electronic circuits?


What insect is about a centimeter or two in size dark brown a tiny head two long antennas slow moving and is pear shaped?


The tiny piece of silicon that houses millions of microminiature electronic circuits is called a?


The tiny piece of silicon that houses millions of microminature electronic circuits is called a?


What is the tiny part of the kernel that contains proteins vitamins minerals carbohydrates and fat?

the tiny living part of the of the kernel that contains protiens vitamins minerals carbohydrates

How do AM FM radio antennas work?

In order to understand antennas it is helpful to understand electricity and it's effect on metals, so for a comprehensive understanding you should first educate yourself on that subject. However, if you are just curious and would like to have a basic knowledge then consider the following analogy. When you throw a beach ball into a calm swimming pool, you will see waves go out in all directions from the beach ball. The waves will proceed across the pool until they encounter the interference of the edges of the pool. The height of the waves depends both on the size of the beach ball you throw and how much power you put into that throw. Antennas work in the same way. When electricity is "thrown" into the metal of an antenna, the metal reacts to the electricity at an atomic level in the form of a wave. This wave, just like the beach ball wave in the swimming pool, radiates outward from the point where the electricity enters the antenna. Now, because antennas are working with radio waves and not water waves, the waves in the metal of the antenna actually produce waves in the air touching the antenna. The waves also continue outward through the air until they encounter interference which is why you will have difficulty receiving a radio signal deep inside a building. The structure of the building is stopping the radio waves in the air from getting to you, just like the edge of the pool prevents the water waves from getting to you as you sit in your pool side lounger.

What does a grundo look like neopets?

A grundo is chubby, has tiny legs, two toes, and looks like it has two tubes stacked on top of each other for antennas.