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Q: What club won the UEFA chamionship 9 times?
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How many times won brazil the uefa cup?

UEFA CUP is played by UEFA clubs. Brazil is not a UEFA club.

Which club won the UEFA championship five times?

It is the English club Liverpool.

What club won the UEFA the most times for a record?

real Madrid with 9 times championship

How many times have Chelsea won the uefa club world cup?

Chelsea have never been in the FIFA (not UEFA) Club World Cup. They make their debut in December 2012.

How many times has Shaquille O'Neal won the nba chamionship?


How many time Liverpool football club has reach uefa champion league finals?

They have won it five times.

Which club won the UEFA Europa League in Hamburg?

It was the Spanish club atletico Madrid who won in A.E.T. with a Forlan goal.

Is Valencia a big club?

Yes, they are third largest club in spain, they won la liga 6 times, copa del rey 7 times and uefa cup one time.

Who won the uefa cup final?

The Ukraine club Shaster Donstek.

Which team won the UEFA Champions League 2012?

The team that won the UEFA Champions League title in 2012 was Chelsea FC.

How many times did barcelona won the uefa?

3 times

How many times have Barcelona won the uefa champion league?

Barcelona have won 3 champion leagues, but they are the only club to play every year since it started in 1950