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ITV 1 at 3:00pm

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Q: What channel is the fa community shield be on 2010?
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When was FA Community Shield created?

FA Community Shield was created in 1908.

When was FA Women's Community Shield created?

FA Women's Community Shield was created in 2000.

How many times have arsenal won the FA community shield?

Arsenal won FA community shield 13 times and are the current holder of the shield.

When is the fa community shield 2010?

It will be in August 2010, no confirmed date yet. Chelsea v Manchester United, it shall take place at Wembley.

What happens to the community shield if the winning team of the fa cup are playing in the championship next year?

The community shield will still be between the Premiership winners and the FA Cup winners. It does not matter which league the FA Cup winners are in.

Who plays in the community shield when the champions of the league also win the fa cup?

The team that finished second in the Premiership will face the double winners in the community shield.

What is the monetary value of winning FA cup and premier league?

They get to play in community shield

Who did Arsenal beat in August 2004 to win the FA community shield?

It could be Manchester United.

What is the name of the annual game between the winners of the fa cup and the premier league?

The Community Shield.

Is the fa cup same as fa community shield?

No The Community Shield Is an Annual Football (Soccer) Match held each August at Wembley (Villa Park in 2012 Due To The Olympics) between the winners of the Premier League and FA Cup. If The Same Team Wins The FA Cup and The Premier League the Premier League Runner-Ups Will Take Part.

When was Jordan FA Shield created?

Jordan FA Shield was created in 1981.

Did Nicky butt score in a final?

No, but he did score at Wembley for Manchester United in a FA Charity Shield (the predecessor of the Community Shield) v Newcastle United in 1996.